A better life for freelancer

At Cortexpert, we are crazy about simplifying your life and bringing smart solutions to freelancers and to their customers.
Why are we sooooo different? Because Cortexpert is made by freelancers for freelancers. We know better than others what it means for you.

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What are my advantages?


1. Relax

Leave your stress behind, you have a place to find your next contract with a COMPLETE view of the market request. It’s easy, reliable and really convenient: check it anywhere, anytime.


2. Focus

Focus on your work and your customers and spend less time getting acquainted. Keep your profile updated with your availabilities and project requests will simply come to you.



You and your customer will be in direct contact to get your agreement set up. You control contracting and invoicing. There is no financial percentage requested by Cortexpert and, no other fees in any way for freelancers. Using Cortexpert by freelancers is totally free of charge, that’s it!

How does it work in practice?


Complete your profile: The more complete it is, the better visibility you will have.


Keep your availabilities (FTE/month) up to date to ensure that your profile will be at the top of the freelancer list.

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