The 4 most paralysing thoughts a pharma freelancer can have

The 4 most paralysing thoughts a pharma freelancer can have

The 4 most paralysing thoughts a pharma freelancer can have, and how to get rid of them.


Creating the career you love can’t be done without some action.  Yet, paralysing thoughts can make you freeze, and make your future job perspectives freeze as well. In this article you’ll discover 4 paralysing thought and how to get rid of them.


To build that blossoming career, you need action. Your body and mind must start to move (not always together, but at appropriate times). You must send that e-mail, call that client, walk or drive to the office or lab, interact with colleagues at the vending machine…

Just ‘trying’ to build a career is not enough, you’ll have to do it too. Even Nike says “Just do it!” Why is it that you don’t seem to be able to give your best shot all of the time?

Why is it that you hesitate to call that client, even though it’s high time to discuss some sensitive matters?

Why is it that you avoid that colleague, although he’s involved in the same project as you are?

Why is it that you postpone urgent projects, even if you just KNOW they depend solely on your work?

There is a fair chance that you suffer from paralysing thoughts. Relax: it’s not some exotic disease, or a thing you’re hooked on forever, nor is it that you are the only person in the world suffering from them.

Paralysing thoughts are very common. In fact, it is deeply engraved in our brain that in times of danger, we should fight or flight. So, some people fight that challenging project, others run away or at least act as if it’s not there. It could be your lizard brain dictating you with paralysing thoughts when you haven’t faced some apparently simple problems.

Yes, you can fight these paralysing thoughts! Once they’ve become harmless, you’ll notice that you will handle your projects and problems with much more ease.

So let’s see 4  paralysing thoughts and what you can do about them.


1.    The project isn’t ready/I’m not ready/it’s just not the right time.

Are you someone that is waiting for the ‘perfect opportunity’? Great chance that it never happens!

People that wait for the perfect moment, usually suffer from perfectionism. That in itself can mask a lack of self-confidence: the perfectionism is then the excuse for hiding yourself, although the project is about finished. Instead of “I’m afraid to face the world with my project/myself/my idea…” you say “I’m waiting for the perfect moment.”

Wake-up: perfection doesn’t exist. All things are in constant evolution. Also: you can change things, you know. So why not take the opportunity, and making it your perfect moment?

Successful people grab the opportunity when it occurs. No such ‘waiting for the right time’!


2.    I’m not good enough

This thought is very common among the very dedicated, talented and quality-driven people. So if this thought (in different varieties) is one of yours, then that might be a good sign.

The truth is that you ARE good enough. Nobody’s perfect (see point 1) but the mere fact that you are reading this article on Cortexpert, that you have a profile here or are considering it shows that you go for the extra mile.

So take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say to yourself: I am good enough fort this job/this project/this client. Repeat this mantra whenever paralysing thought no 2 comes to your mind.


3.    I’m just not good at selling myself

Maybe you’re convinced that to get that project, that idea, to sell yourself to others, you need to have very strong sales skills. Then inevitably the image of the good old dust-cleaner-salesman comes to mind. Or you think of that colleague in the sales department, with his extravert commercial flair, and you feel not in the slightest way related.

At ease. Today there is a whole range of opportunities of selling yourself without even having to call it that way. From creating a profile (e.g. Cortexpert) to sharing content in social media over writing a blog yourself or actively seeking contact with potential pharma clients: there are lots of ways to show your qualities to the world and those who need you. Sharing is the key word here. So as long as you share valuable information in whatever form, you are ‘selling’ yourself.

In other articles on this blog, various means are discussed. Look for your favourite way of relating with potentially significant others. An extra tip: having a profile on Cortexpert is definitely a winner!


4.    Wow, that project is soooo huge…

The size of a project, an idea, a company can be so large that it demotivates you. It is as if you were standing in front of a mountain, and the sight of the top, all covered in clouds, gives you the feeling of being unable to climb up.

In such situations, it can make a difference to remember this: “How to eat an elephant? In tiny portions.” The same goes with every project: you do it step by step.

Visually creating a step-by-step overlook can help tremendously. Since lots of people are visually oriented these days, seeing the different steps and in what order to take them, can put your mind and all those paralysing thoughts at ease.


Turn those thoughts around to make them help you to build your career in pharma!

We wish you good luck!

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