coalface pharma

Company Description

Coalface pharma is a global recruitment agency that specialises in supplying high quality, scarce candidates that businesses wouldn’t find themselves across the pharmaceutical space. At present we operate in over 18 countries and are continuing to grow. We have dedicated teams with expert knowledge working out of our offices located in the UK, Europe and Asia ensuring a continuous flow of outstanding candidates. The combination of our global platform, thorough understanding of our market and commitment to operational excellence, enables us to offer our clients access to the best specialists from within our vast and continually growing network. Here at Coalface pharma we have chosen not to be “all things to all people”. We are experts in one market. Our specialist teams have detailed knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical market; they are up to speed with market trends, conditions and most importantly are connected to the best people in the industry. They all have many years of experience developing in-depth networks, which means your search process will be quicker, more efficient and pertinent.