Freelancers and their websites

Freelancers and their websites: the 3 most commonly made mistakes

Recently, we had this freelancer in pharma asking us “I want to do something extra for my career. Is it a good idea to have my own website?”

Creating your own website can be a great way to present yourself to future clients. But let us be clear: having a website is not enough. It also must be one set along some very advisable rules.

Let’s face the facts: the majority of freelancers that have a website, make 3 mistakes that just ruins their career, instead of enhancing it.

Make no mistake: even if you are an IT professional in the pharmaceutical industry, chances are your website is technically perfect but that the right content is missing.

We’ll give you those 3 most made mistakes, and we’ll tell you how to fix it!

1. There’s just too much information on your website.

You know so much, don’t you? And you offer so much to your clients, so why don’t show it to them? And off course you’ll include all those great resources of information you’ve found, some articles you wrote, the loads of certificates you’ve got, …
Don’t do this. It just makes your website look like a gigantesque labyrinth. Your potential client gets lost, is overwhelmed and ends up to click to another website (with a deep sigh…).

What you need instead is a limited but very clear structure and likewise content of your website.
Most freelancers in pharma get engaged to make things simpler, not more difficult. So: you need to present yourself as being able to do so.

Quality, relevancy, direction and client-centered: those are the key words for your freelancing website.

YOUR ACTION: make an evaluation of the number of pages on your website. Is it clear enough for visitors what you have to offer? Do you have an easy and well structured navigation? Let a complete nitwit visit your website, and ask him for feedback.

2. It is very hard to contact you from your website.

Perhaps your contact information is very well hidden on an almost invisible page. Or you don’t offer the possibility to visitors to ask you a question by e-mail (because you fear to be eaten alive by the SPAM monster). Some people play ‘hide and seek’ with their address in the middle of opening hours, maps and CAPTCHA-codes.

Your client will appreciate it very much if you eliminate as much obstacles as possible. Visitors should never be held back if they want to contact you. Typing codes, deciphering e-mail addresses or other creative ‘solutions’ are very annoying and chase people (and prospects!) away.

Even if you never receive a question directly from your website, eliminating thresholds gives you an ‘easy to reach’ image.

YOUR ACTION: do you have a separate ‘contact’ page? Is it easy to find in your navigation? Do you have a contact form, or is your e-mail address open to anyone?

3. The third mistake most freelancers make: they forget that their business is about their clients.

A visitor to your website only has 1 thing on his mind “what is in it for me?”

Showing off your capacities, talents and degrees in an endless row is just not doing the trick. Giving very detailed descriptions of ALL projects you have done, is not convincing a prospect, it is boring him.

The key question you need to ask when creating your website is “does this really means something to my client?”
Go step in your clients shoes, try to see your website through his eyes. Believe me, chances are that 90% of the information you give, is just interesting to you, not to a prospect.

YOUR ACTION: write 10 specific results a client gets with your service. Than take a look at your website: are these results mentioned, even talked about in your texts? Are they easily detectable? Could you prove them with testimonials (then do it!)?

Is your website making those 3 mistakes? We’d like to read it!

Written by Ilse Van Eetvelde –

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