How to ruin your freelancing future in 6 steps

How to ruin your freelancing future in 6 steps – part 1

Do you consider your future in the pharma industry to be a steep way up? When starting, I’m sure you do. Working as a freelancing professional can only be a sure path to freedom, money and eternal glory, can’t it?

Yeah, right… Think again. Unless you make some wise choices, chances are your career as a pharmaceutical freelancer will be a flat line, possibly even a one way down.

Let’s see how you can ruin your freelancing future in 6 steps. I’m sure it will give you a good insight in what better things to do.

1. Underestimate yourself or overestimate yourself.

Confidence rules? Sure, in the right measure! Presenting your qualities as being very moderate is the best way to demotivate clients to hire you. Why on earth should they want someone that is clearly not the specialist in research, regulatory affairs, IT or anything else they are looking for?

On the other hand: exaggerating your own skills, knowledge and experience is sure to let them down as well. Paying someone only to discover promised results are not met, is a great way to lose all trust in someone. So don’t overestimate yourself.

The only right answer here is honesty and true confidence. Don’t hide the good results you got in the past, be open about your limits. Sell yourself, but don’t overdo it in a blingbling way. Quality rules, in short term and long term contracts and contacts.

2. Don’t plan.

Perhaps you have lost sight on today’s economy. Perhaps you think that planning your career is so overrated. Perhaps you even believe in the great rule “You can’t escape your Fortune”.

Whatever the reason, if you forget to make even the smallest plan about your aspirations, you are sure to have no career at all. Instead you will jump from one opportunity to another, never considering if this is the right step for you.

What could be a good way of planning your career? First you have to be very clear about what kind of a person you are. How important is your family, how much time are you willing to spend working? What distance are you able to travel, without getting exhausted and tired?

Once that is clear, determine what kind of work you would like to do? Building up different experiences? Or rather moving into one direction, albeit a very specific one? You should balance your own aspirations with the openness to new opportunities.

So one eye on the road, the other on all the beautiful destinations your way.

3. Hide from opportunities

A very sure way to end up feeling miserable is to completely hide from new opportunities. So keep yourself locked up in your workplace, never talk to anyone about what you feel capable of. Say not a word about your ambition, even less about you welcoming some change.

Although new roads may very well require a lot of energy and flexibility, some are perhaps just the perfect next step for you. But then again: you should check your career planning.

There are some more clever ways to ruin your freelancing career in the pharmaceutical industry. Discover them in part II!

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