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Connecting to freelancers is Cortexpert’s objective, whether you need an expert in the pharmaceutical, biotechnologies, medical devices, nutrition, cosmetic or veterinary fields.
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You are at the only place to find the freelancers you need in just a few clicks. No long discussion, no complicated processes, just you and hundreds of responsive freelancers waiting to meet you. Immediately find out the freelancers’ availabilities, fees and much more. This efficient tool will save you time and … money



You keep control of your contacts in a straightforward way. No long waiting time to get feedback, it’s fast and you can make your decision with a clear view of all available experts. With the large choice of profiles, you control who you want to contact.



You and your freelancer are in control of your future collaboration. With no intermediary, it’s direct contracting in a simple way. The freelancer will invoice you directly.

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Browse and choose the freelancers you are interested in from our extended freelancers database. Extended information on freelancers profiles are available to you including the availability, fees, region, expertise, background etc. 


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Post your mission, which is automatically disseminated to mailboxes of targeted freelancers and placed on the home page for a wide visibility.

Receive freelancers applications in a structured way placed on your Cortexpert dashboard.


Remain financially the winner

Whatever the way you use to FIND your freelancers, it is FOR FREE: either by posting and disseminating a mission, either by searching freelancers in our database.

Payment is required upon identification of a freelancer to receive the contact details. Look at our pricing policy

Not found the freelancer you wanted? NO CURE, NO PAY. Contact us to establish how Cortexpert can revisit your requirements or get your money back.

Want to relax more?

Not feeling like searching or posting a mission, nor willing to create your profile? Cortexpert is by your side to support you in your freelancer research. Just tell us and we will make all the set-up on Cortexpert for you. We will also ensure that you are provided with interesting and matching freelancers profiles in a fast way.

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