About our pricing

Time is money and you are on Cortexpert to save time... The Cortexpert equation is well known: reactive freelancers + mission posting or profile search + no hidden fees = dramatic reduction of your costs. You control and track of your actions through your private dashboard. Freelance negotiation has never been simpler!

our engagement:
no cure, no pay

Not satisfied by the freelancer you contacted (before reaching contract signature), let us know what happened and we will review with you what actions can be taken or get your money back.

Posting missions and searching in database is FREE.

Whatever the way you use to FIND your freelancers, it is FOR FREE: either by posting and disseminating a mission, either by searching freelancers in our database. Payment is required upon identification of a freelancer to receive the contact details.

For a defined number of profiles

Profile identificationTotal profiles to identifyTotal cost excl VATPrice per 3 identificationYour advantageSelect
1x3 profiles identification3499 €499 €
2x3 profiles identification6958 €479 €-20 €
3x3 profiles identification91347 €449 €-150 €
4x3 profiles identification121716 €429 €-280 €
5x3 profiles identification152045 €409 €-450 €

Create your free account or just log in (if you already have an account) to be able to purchase the profile identification.

For a defined time period

Profile identificationPeriodCost/months*
excl VAT
Your advantageSelect
Unlimited access
per person
6 months799 €
Unlimited access
per person
12 months699 €100€/month

*The total cost for the chosen period (6 months/12 months) is due to be paid as one single payment at the beginning of the subscription period.

Alwaysfor free

Always Free
  • 1. Post your mission with maximum visibility on the home page for 30 days
  • 2. Update your mission at any time
  • 3. Disseminate (once) your mission to targeted freelancers mailboxes
  • 4. Search freelancers in the database and access profiles
  • 5. Company logo placed on the home page with a direct link to your missions
  • 6. Personal dashboard with overview of profiles
  • 7. Alerts sent to your personal e-mail upon received applications
  • 8. Automatic e-mailing for accepting and declining profiles
  • 9. Direct communication with freelancers via the personal Cortexpert internal mailbox
  • 10. Clear overview of purchases history
  • 11. Use of favourite profiles and favourite searches
  • 12. Possibility to use the parent-godchild account

Your advantages

Your advantages
  • 1. Quick and targeted
  • 2. Low cost and easy
  • 3. No time limit in using your profile identification package
  • 4. Unlimited search on database and unlimited mission posting
  • 5. Use your 3 profiles identification in once or separately
  • 6. 24/7 access and assistance within 24 hours
  • 7. Possibility to request support from Cortexpert to proceed with posting and search actions

 Ways of payment

By credit card via the on-line payment. Once the on-line payment is validated, it enables you to immediately access the contact details of chosen profiles.

Should you prefer to use another way of payment such as a bank transfer or other, ask us to contact you

An invoice is always sent to the address for invoicing completed on your profile.