Privacy Policy

CORTEXPERT is a product of Red Cortex SPRL, a Belgium based limited liability company.

CORTEXPERT takes privacy seriously. Therefor CORTEXPERT has developed a Privacy Policy that covers how information is collected, used, disclosed, transferred and stored.

CORTEXPERT’s mission is to connect professional independent freelancers (hereinafter the “Freelancer”) with - but not limited to - pharmaceutical and food industries, device companies, headhunter companies, clinical research organizations (CRO), etc. registered on the CORTEXPERT website (the “Partner”) from all over the world.

CORTEXPERT offers to its Freelancers the possibility to e.g. share their professional identity, communicate through the website and/or application, exchange already disclosed or disclosable knowledge and professional insights with the Partners and seek for business opportunities (the “Services”).

The Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by CORTEXPERT in connection with the offered Services.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to :

  • Information collected by the Partner- or third party websites, platforms and/or applications which CORTEXPERT does not control;
  • Information collected by the Partner- or third party websites which the user accessed via links on the CORTEXPERT website and/or application;
  • Advertisements or promotions on the Partner- or third party websites that CORTEXPERT sponsors or participates in.

These Partner- or third party websites may have their own privacy policy and it is recommended to read these policies before using these websites.

What information does CORTEXPERT collect?

In this Privacy Policy “personal information” means information or pieces of information that could allow the user to be identified. This includes (but is not limited to) information such as name, address, profile picture, email address, telephone number and also includes information such as IP address, work experience, membership, educational background, etc.

The data on personal information is managed by CORTEXPERT.

If the user does not agree with the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information, CORTEXPERT recommends not to register to, or not to use the website and/or application.

CORTEXPERT collects personal information via the below mentioned points:

  1. Registration

Registration as a user requires entering the name, current address, e-mail address, telephone number and password in order to create an account (hereinafter the ‘Account’). The Account of the user is personal.

Registration implies that the user agrees the information uploaded on the website and/or application can be used by CORTEXPERT in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The CORTEXPERT website uses a three-layer profile with regard to the Freelancer.

The public profile of the Freelancer contains a short, partly anonymized, presentation of the Freelancer that can be viewed on a permanent base and is available for everybody (hereinafter the ‘Public Profile’). The Public Profile gives the following information on the Freelancer: photo, description of the Freelancer, country of residence, hourly rate and availability.

In order for the Partners to view additional information on the Freelancer, registration via an Account is required (registered Freelancers cannot see the anonymous profile of other Freelancers). Only registered Partners have access to the partly anonymous profile of the Freelancer. In comparison with the Public Profile the following information is added to the partly anonymous profile of the Freelancer: language, education, level of experience, countries where the Freelancer wants to work, driving license, willingness to travel. All relevant professional information is being displayed, with the exception of contact details such as name, access to the CORTEXPERT internal mailbox and telephone number (hereinafter the ‘Anonymous Profile’)

The contact details of a Freelancer will only be disclosed to a Partner after payment of the requested profile identification. The contact details together with the information on the Anonymous Profile contain the full profile of the Freelancer (hereinafter the ‘Full Profile’). The information on the Full Profile enables the Partner to contact the chosen Freelancer(s) directly.

As with regard to the Partner, creation of an account, enables the Partner to add missions and to give a short presentation of the company itself on his profile (hereinafter the ‘Partner Profile’).

Information on the Partner Profile can be viewed by the Freelancers and other Partners. The Partner will not implement any information on his Partner Profile that he does not want to make public.

The Public Profile, Anonymous Profile, Full Profile and the Partner Profile are hereinafter referred to as the ‘Profile’ or ‘Profiles’.

  1. Additional information

The Freelancer can add additional information to his/her Anonymous Profile, including (but not limited to) work experiences, educational background, membership, relevant professional skills, professional insights, scientific publications, awards, willingness to travel, known languages,  etc.

By adding additional information to the Anonymous Profile CORTEXPERT will be able to better align the professional needs between the Freelancer and the Partner.

Information on your Anonymous Profile can be viewed by the registered Partners. The Freelancer will not implement any information to his/her Anonymous Profile that he/she does not want to make public.

  1. Customer Service

When contacting our help center or customer service, information will be collected.  This information will only be used to respond questions, to identify potential problems, and to register trends, in order to render better Services.

  1. Use of the CORTEXPERT website and/or application

CORTEXPERT collects information when the CORTEXPERT website and/or application is being used. When an account is used, the IP address will be linked to that account.

  1. Use of websites and/or application of Partners

CORTEXPERT receives information when an account is used and the user connects to another website and/or application via CORTEXPERT.

  1. cookies

CORTEXPERT uses cookies to improve the experience on the CORTEXPERT website and/or application, to optimize the security and protection of data and to measure the use and effectiveness of the Services. The user is able to manage cookies via his/her browser settings.  For further information please read the CORTEXPERT Cookie Policy.

By visiting the CORTEXPERT website and/or application, the user accepts the insertion of cookies according to this Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.

How does CORTEXPERT use personal information?

When the user submits personal information, he/she accepts the Terms and Conditions of CORTEXPERT and the processing of the personal data as described in this Privacy Policy. The user is free to provide the information that is considered to be sensitive by applicable law. The user has the right to withdraw his/her consent to collect, use, disclose, transfer and store of the information according to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy using the link “Cancel Account”.

The search engine allows the Freelancer to search e.g. for missions. Conversely the Partner is able to search for Freelancers to perform missions. Additional information on the Anonymous Profile will help to improve and refine the search results.

Personal information of the Freelancer received by the Partner, outside the CORTEXPERT platform, will not be managed by CORTEXPERT and CORTEXPERT has no control over this. The privacy policy of the respective Partner is applicable to this information.

Personal information, data on the Profiles and/or Accounts or information with regard to the activities of the user will be made public, if disclosure is required by law, legislation, a summon of writ or other legal proceedings. CORTEXPERT decides in its full discretion on the necessity of disclosure of the information and will undertake to inform the user if she receives any request thereto, (except when prior inform is prohibited by a court ruling or in case of an emergency).

In the event of an asset deal CORTEXPERT is entitled to transfer personal information to third parties. This permission to transfer data includes all preparatory activities to the acquisition. All third parties to whom CORTEXPERT transfers the assets have the right to continue to make use of this information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Rights and obligations with respect to the information


The user has the right to inspect, change, modify, correct or delete personal information managed by CORTEXPERT. The user is entitled to modify the content on his/her Profile and/ or Account or to deactivate and delete his/her Account entirely at any time.

The user can delete his/her Account, using the link “Cancel Account”. The request will be sent automatically to the server of the CORTEXPERT server. The user will receive an e-mail in which he is asked to confirm the deletion. CORTEXPERT undertakes to remove the personal information as soon as possible after notification of deletion by the user. The departing user will receive an e-mail confirming that his profile has been removed. Nonetheless, the user will have no claim against CORTEXPERT if the information on the users’ account  has not been deleted within time.

Personal information shared with other Freelancers and/or a Partner can remain visible, even after deactivation and deletion of the Account. CORTEXPERT has no control over such shared information.

CORTEXPERT is allowed to store personal data for as long as the Account exists or as long as necessary to render the Services.

Storage of personal information remains possible even after deletion of the Account if this is reasonably necessary to comply with legal requirements, resolve disputes between Freelancers, Partners and/or third parties, prevent fraud or misuse or to enforce this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.


The user has the obligation to abide by the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and other policies of CORTEXPERT.

The Freelancer undertakes to update his/her information on his profile account and warrants that the information is correct and accurate. CORTEXPERT can not be held responsible by the Partner for the content of the profile account of the Freelancer.

The user will not upload and disseminate information that potentially infringes the rights of other Freelancers, Partners and/or CORTEXPERT.

The user undertakes to keep his/her username and password confidential. He/she will not share this data with others.

Non-compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Conditions & Terms, the Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy or any other policy of CORTEXPERT gives CORTEXPERT unilateral the right to restrict, suspend or terminate the account.

Important information

Questions, concerns or complaints with regard to the Privacy Policy or data processing can be addressed to CORTEXPERT, BE 1495 Sart-Dames-Avelines, Rue du Vieux Chemin 90 -  tel. 0032 477 51 53 75 or

CORTEXPERT undertakes to examine and reply all such communications as soon as possible.

To make sure personal information is secure, CORTEXPERT communicates the privacy and security guidelines to its employees and strictly enforces privacy safeguards within the company.

CORTEXPERT is entitled to contract with third party companies to develop, make the Services and features available or to improve them (including, but not limited to maintenance, audit, marketing, development). The third party companies have limited access to the information on the website and/or application. Third party companies are obliged not to disclose the information or use it for other purposes.

Access to a users’ Account is secured with a password. CORTEXPERT uses the SSL (Security Sockets Layer) in its URL to enable the highest protection of the data. To protect the data stored on the CORTEXPERT servers, CORTEXPERT regularly checks its systems for security vulnerabilities and attacks. Since internet is not a 100 % safe environment, CORTEXPERT can not guarantee the security of the transferred data. There is a possibility that a third person gains access to the data, makes this information public, modifies or deletes it after violation of the physical, technical and/or administrative protections. The user is responsible for the security and protection of his/her credentials.

The internal mailbox is not encrypted.  CORTEXPERT strongly recommends not to share personal and sensitive  information e.g. private home address, holiday data, … via these methods.  CORTEXPERT is not responsible for the communication transferred via the internal mailbox offered by CORTEXPERT. The user is solely responsible whether to share confidential information via this internal mailbox. All messages sent by and sent to the user will be kept on the CORTEXPERT server. However the user remains at all times responsible for the safeguarding of the content of messages received through the CORTEXPERT website and/or application. CORTEXPERT does not guarantee that the messages on the CORTEXPERT internal mailbox remain available at all times, nor that the information contained in these messages can be retrieved. The user will not claim CORTEXPERT for the loss of messages received or sent through the CORTEXPERT internal mailbox. For the avoidance of doubt, CORTEXPERT will  not have the right to inspect the content of the messages sent by the internal mailbox and therefor, can not be obliged to release these e-mails as a result of any and all disputes and/or claims between Experts, Partners and/or third parties.

Personal information may be transferred to servers located outside the European Union.

By using the CORTEXPERT website and/or application or providing CORTEXPERT with personal information, the user agrees to CORTEXPERT doing so in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The user should be aware that many countries do not offer the same legal protection to personal information as required by EU regulations. By using the website and/or application the user accepts this risk and waives any possible claim against CORTEXPERT.

CORTEXPERT will take all reasonable measures to ensure the same protection level outside the E.U. Therefor CORTEXPERT undertakes to cooperate with Partners in the U.S. that abide by the Safe Harbor framework set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information.

The user should be aware that while personal information is in another country, this information may be accessed by the courts, law enforcement and national security authorities in that country in accordance with its laws.

CORTEXPERT may update its Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice. Frequent visits to the CORTEXPERT website and/or application will keep the user informed about how personal information is used. Continued use of the website and/or application after change or modification of the Privacy Policy implies  acceptation thereof.